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What is your Flood Local Action Group (Selsey)?

FLAGS was founded in June 2016 - inspired by the Selsey Sea Defence Conference held in April that year.   This made us aware of future possible flooding events due to global warming, resultant weather changes and sea level rises.   We are lucky that we do not have a river in Selsey but, as we all know, water is very close to the surface and in many parts of Selsey, the ground can get very soggy and even mini-ponds can form after heavy rain.   Basically, water from the South Downs flows down to the Manhood Peninsula and seeks to drain into the sea.  Any impediment leads to flooding.  

What are we trying to Achieve?

1.   We monitor the local coastal flood defences  and report any areas of deterioration  to the appropriate authorities and landowners and ensure that appropriate action is taken.

2.   We look out for any areas of ground water flooding and communicate any concerns about blocked ditches or other issues. We can then liaise with  the other special local organisations which can then deal with the problem,  Fixing and Linking our Wetlands (FLOW), Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG) and the Peninsular Surface Water Issues (SWISh).

3.   We monitor new building and developments to  ensure that adequate Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and foul water plans are in place.  If necessary we can call a meeting of the builders, local authorities, water companies and any person or authority with a stake in preventing floods arising from that site.

4.   We hope to be able to produce a map of all sewers and surface water drainage in Selsey and would appreciate contributions from residents who know where the old pipework is and where are the problem sites.

5.   We are affiliated to West Sussex Flood Action Group Forum, which in turn is linked to he National Flood Forum.  Through this network we can make our voice heard nationally. We are grateful to West Sussex County Council for their advice and support.

6.   We are involved on the preparation of the Selsey Emergency Flood Plan, to come in to play should circumstances beyond our control cause flooding.

If you would like to know more, or you have any concerns about drainage, surface water or coastal flooding issues around Selsey, please contact Glenda Baum on 01243 601090 or email:

Flood Local Action Group Selsey (FLAGS)

Glenda Baum